Natures Grace Acupuncture Center Inc. | Murrieta, CA
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25470 Medical Center Dr. #104 Murrieta, CA 92562

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Quality treatments

Comprehensive care

Experience to rely on

We offer quality acupuncture, Oriental medicine, massage therapy, and herbal therapies. Our dedicated staff has a wide range and depth of experience to meet your needs.

Our dedicated team has experience in traditional Western and Eastern healing methods. We tailor treatment for each case to ensure successful therapy and healing.

Formed in 1998, our facility has the dedication and experience to help you with your ailments. Prevent pain, treat aches, and gain clarity with our treatments.

Expect exceptional service and care

Traditional Chinese medicine, more than an alternative

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We never reduce the quality of our service. However, you will find affordable rates in our current deals.

Let's reduce your stress and strain with the highest quality of massage possible. Contact us today.

We understand our services can be overwhelming and confusing. Read our frequently asked questions.

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