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“I have been suffering from nasal allergy for many years.  I have a running nose frequently, and my nose is always stuffed up.  Besides, I feel itchy with my nose, eyes, ears and throat, which makes me very uncomfortable.  In order to cure this disease, I’ve visited many doctors.  The anti-allergy medicine given by the western doctors seems to be quite effective at first, but when I stop taking it, the problem comes back again.  So the problem comes and goes, never healed completely.  What’s more, the disease bothered me more and more frequently, and symptomQseemed to last longer and longer which really caused trouble to my job and life.  I became acquainted with Qiang Yang from my coworker who is also a patient of her's.  I explained my problem to Qiang (Elisa) and she discussed with me about the treating plan.  Based on my agreement to have acupuncture and herbal treatment, which consisted of 10 treatments in total.  Amazingly, all the symptoms like stuffed and running nose, itch of the eyes, ears, nose and throat are gone.  Now I am really happy that I can go back to my normal daily life.  I really appreciate Qiang's (Elisa) help.”


Teresa M. —


“After only 1 week of acupuncture and herbal treatment for my sinuses I was able to stop taking my daily maintenance medication for allergies.  In addition, the combination of acupuncture and massage has helped bring relief to a lower back & knee problem I’ve had for 16 years.”


Jackie C. —

Allergy Conditions

Female Issues

“What is impressive are the positive effects that I have gained from the treatment for my uterine fibroids at Natures Grace, which I have had for years.  In my family, my sister, mother and maternal grandmother have all had hysterectomies due to uterine fibroid complications.  I, myself, had a myomectomy to remove eleven uterine fibroids.  Three years later, I had a subsequent ultrasound/sonogram examination which showed that the fibroids returned.  I have sought treatment from various doctors and nurse practitioners, both with PPO and HMO insurance companies, who all say that there is nothing Western medicine can offer me except to “monitor the symptoms”.  If the symptoms worsen, they all say, I will require another myomectomy surgery or, what’s more likely, a hysterectomy.  Remember, I am 33 years of age and as of yet, do not have any children.  Needless to say, I do not want to have another surgery and would like to avoid that at all costs.  I also consulted with a Chi-gong practitioner/herbalist, who said that he could not help me and that I should get the surgery as needed.


I explained my problem to Qiang Yang (Elisa) and she agreed to try and help me.  She was very honest and forthright and did not make any lofty claims to be able to make the fibroids disappear completely.  She indicated that she would be happy to try and help me to reduce the symptoms and perhaps the size of the fibroids, but that if her treatment was not successful, I should still consider the surgery in the future.  She left the decision to me if I wanted to pursue her treatment.  (That is another aspect to being under Qiang Yang's care that I appreciate; she makes her recommendations and allows the patient the power to decide their course of action. In addition, she has a broad perspecitve and recognizes the benefits of combining Eastern and Western medicine).  Since her weekly acupuncture and herb treatments, my pain has all but subsided, my “flow” is once again normal, I have more energy and strength, and the abdominal pressure I once felt is no more.  Qiang has relieved not only the symptoms of a disease for which I have a strong hereditary predilection, but also the frustration of having actively sought treatment for a condition for which I was told surgery was the only answer.  Now, a mere three months later, I feel so much better.  I plan to continue my treatment since it has helped me so much.”


Vanessa R. —


"I don't know what it would be like had I not found Elisa (Qiang Yang) at Nature's Grace. My left foot "dropped" following very heavy doses of chemotherapy, leaving my foot partially paralyzed. My oncologist referred to this condition as a "quality of life" changer. My neurologist called it permanent and explained my foot would never improve.  Fortunately, I did not give up and read online a study which showed acupuncture can help in some cases, and I found Nature's Grace nearby. Over the course of the year, the movement in my foot returned is almost fully restored. I do believe this is due to the greatest part of acupuncture. Don't be afraid to try it. Elisa is very gentle and the office atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. Thank you to Elisa and Nature's Grace. You made a big difference in my life!


Paula M. — 03/28/17


“This was my first experience having acupuncture treatment and I was surprised after having the treatment that there was no pain.  My appointments were easy to make and the staff was very professional and accomodating.  The doctor I am seeing is wonderful.  She is easy to talk to and makes sure she understands my issues/needs, and then treats me as appropriate.  I would highly recommend Nature’s Grace to my family and friends.

Patti W. — 9/09/13


“I am extremely pleased with Natures Grace Acupunture Center!  They helped many physical ailments within a few days.  Qiang Yang has helped me with multiple problems which 7 other “Traditional” medicine doctors could not do with their “medicine”.  I thank God for Qiang Yang (Elisa)

George B. —


“When I lived in northern California, I went to 2 different acupuncturists that didn’t help much.  A friend recommended Natures Grace Acupuncture Center.  Chinese acupuncture is totally different than what I had before.  She did “cupping” on me too, which was very beneficial.  The treatment rooms are very clean, relaxing and she treats you with respect in answering questions.  I’m glad the medical field acknowledges the value of acupuncture.”

Lois M. —


"In my 10 sessions of receiving acupuncture, I have experienced more energy, better sleep, and as a result, I feel significantly less fatigued throughout the day.  Qiang Yang's calm & gentle demeanor helps me to relax during my session.  I would highly recommend Nature’s Grace.  To anyone who hesitates because of the needles, I’d say they do not hurt.  Qiang is so gentle”.

Desiree W. —



“Announcing Koyo, our wonderful new baby boy!  It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this!  Koyo was born in December to his proud parents.  “Koyo” means sunshine in Japanese.  We couldn’t get a baby without your help.  Thank you so much!!  Best wishes.”


A & K —

Pain Management

“This was my first experience with Acupuncture.  Arthritis in my neck vertebrae pinched a nerve, causing miserable chronic pain in my left upper back, shoulder & arm.  Medicine & physical therapy just did not help.  On a whim, and with my primary care physician’s approval, I made an appointment with Nature’s Grace.  Knowing little about acupuncture, I asked the assistants questions while in the office.  They both are knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated professionals.  The Acupuncturists were kind, understanding and extremely well educated in their profession.  The needles are small & extremely thin and, with a slight tap, inserted very quickly and painlessly.  No big deal there!  You even get a “help buzzer.”  If you need help help during treatment, just press it and they will quickly be in your room.  My acupuncturist, Vicki, is a real gem.  The relaxing sounds of peaceful flutes & gentle guitar (“nature’s music”) which is piped quietly into the room is a perfect focus during the 30 minute treatment – it’s very calming.  Needless to say, my experience with Nature’s Grace has been a positive one.  It feels so wonderful realizing I don’t have pain anymore.  And parking was easy too!”


Nancy T. — 12/18/13


“I went to Nature’s Grace Wellness Center after my family doctor suggested that I try acupuncture for pain management.  Qiang Yang has helped me tremendously.  The pain I experienced from arthritis of my neck and shoulders is vastly improved and for the first time I can get through the day without pain medication.  Also the chronic sinusitis I have struggled with for years is greatly improved.  Acupuncture is nature’s way of helping or healing many conditions.”


Myrna S. — 12/06/13


“I have a Direct Column Stimulator implanted, (D.C.S. Lumbar) its a Battery Pack in my left flank with 2 wires that run up my spine.  The D.C.S. Lumbar is there to stimulate the nerves in my left hip and left leg.  I was involved in a horrific accident.  I was traveling 40 M.P.H. and I was struck head-on by a vehicle traveling 70 M.P.H.  I suffered from chronic pain throughout my entire spine.  Even after my surgery with my implant, my pain levels were at a 10 Plus on a scale of 1 to 10.  Even with pain killers and muscle relaxers, my spine pain was not improving with over 20 months of physical therapy.  I didnt want to take pain medication for the rest of my life.  I was referred by a doctor of mine who has had back problems for approximately 8 years.  I have to admit that I was skeptical at first.  After my first treatment, I immediately noticed a difference.  Acupuncture has helped with my spine pain from neck to my lower back (cervicle through sacral) region.  It has helped with my circulation problems in my legs, and it has enabled me to have choices in life that I didn’t feel I had when I would sit home in so much pain that I was also suffering from depression.  Thanks to Qiang Yang's assistance, my pain levels have decreased and my mobility has improved.  If you suffer from pain or any health problems, I urge you to call Natures Grace Acupuncture Center.


Daniel I. —–


“Qiang Yang began giving me treatment 4 years ago for chronic lower back pain that I had been suffering from for about 25 years.  Western doctors could only advise me to do exercises to strengthen the lower back muscles or prescribe pain medication.  I did do the exercises that they suggested, and avoided the pain medications unless it would become unbearable to the point that I could not sleep.  There were times when the pain lessened, but there was always a level of pain that remained and nothing seemed to help.  Then there were the times when I would turn a certain way, bend a certain way, lift something a little too heavy and the pain would intensify and become unbearable again.  Dr. May gave me 5 treatments, (this was during  one of my better periods) and I did notice a little change right away, but it would return to the same level within a couple of days.  It was approximately 2 or 3 days after the 5th treatment that I woke and realized that I felt no pain at all.  From that point on, I was without pain for about 6 months, then it returned and after one more treatment it was gone again.  For a couple of years I would have a treatment about every 6 months.  It has now been 18 months without lower back pain.  I have witnessed others coming and going in her office with similar issues and would highly recommend her practice to everyone.”


Russel L. —


“My experiences with Qiang Yang, have been all positive.  I have received excellent care, mostly acupuncture and acupressure massage from Qiang.  It was successful in removing the pain of Shingles, which my western doctors could not cure.”


Steve T. —


“Only one word, “Wonderful”.  I had been going to the doctor for Shingles with no relief.  Qiang Yang has helped me so much.  I am getting relief, the pain does keep coming back, but for 2 – 3 weeks I am pain free.”


Andrea L. —


“After only 1 week of acupuncture and herbal treatment for my sinuses I was able to stop taking my daily maintenance medication for allergies.  In addition, the combination of acupuncture and massage has helped bring relief to a lower back & knee problem I’ve had for 16 years.”


Jackie C. —


“I began my acupuncture treatment shortly after being rear-ended in a car accident.  I was suffering from severe neck pain, back pain, and a shakey right hand which felt weak.  I had already been to Urgent Care and my MRI showed two bulging discs in my neck.  I was prescribed a muscle relaxer and pain medication.  The medication did not work and I decided to try acupuncture.  I was desperate for relief and traditional doctors were not able to help me.  Luckily, I found Natures Grace on the website.  From my first consultation, I was pleased with her.  Qiang Yang listened to my concerns, read my MRI report, asked questions, answered questions, and truely cared about getting me out of pain and back to functioning normally.  The acupuncture needles are painless and the entire one hour treatment is very relaxing.  The massage therapy and abdominal therapy treatments have given me so much relief., I am truely amazed at my improvement in these two weeks.  My tight neck muslces have been completely loosened, my back no longer feels like cement, my right hand has strength, my energy has been restored, and thanks to Natures Grace Acupuncture Center I can now sleep, painfree.  I am a true believer in acupuncture.  It has worked for me and I enjoy sharing my success story with others.  Any friend who suffers from chronic or short term pain, I hand them Natures Grace's card and tell them they can walk in the biggest skeptic and walk out pain free.  I encourage anyone to try acupuncture.  Afterall, all you have to lose is the pain!  Thank-you Qiang Yang.  You are the kindest, most truely caring and gentle doctor I have ever had the pleasure to visit.  It must be very rewarding to use your education, experience, and talent to restore health to every patient who visits you.  Thank-you so very much!  My girls thank-you too.  They have their Mommy back.”


Rebecca C. —


“I was feeling extremely fatigued the last few months.  My good friend encouraged me to try acupuncture.  I am feeling so much better just after a couple of treatments.  I have a sense of well being again.  I also had neck and back pain and migraines.  I am doing great.  Twenty years of migraines and they are gone.  Thank you Natures Grace for the natural approach to getting my body back in balance.  I am so grateful to you.”


Laurie S. —


“Acupuncture is amazing.  After 1st treatment such noticeable improvement – Slept like a baby – No shoulder pain!  Will continue for further benefits.”


Denise P. — 2/20/14


“the massage therapist is amazing after 3 massages – I feel fabulous – without pain and excited to get moving again – definitely recommend her for massage.”


Cindy B. — 3/17/14


“the massages are amazing  – they put a lot of knowledge into play while working on you.  Will definitely tell everyone I know about them.”


Brett B. — 5/20/14


“At the end of the year 2008, I was in a near-fatal car accident.  After about more than a year healing, I returned to Community College to repeat the classes where I left off.  I was taking English at the time and the professor noticed my struggle to walk right as I headed for my class; and that was up the stairs.  She had recommended that I go see  Nature’s Grace Wellness Center in Murrieta, and have an acupuncture procedure done.  Me being curious I went.  I got a referral from my Doctor and I met with Qiang Yang.  She told me that acupuncture would help release something bad forming in my joints and we began with the procedure.  Over time I attended every appointment as she had scheduled and she was helping ease the pain of arthritis forming in my hips and knees, as well as my headaches.  She told me that healing would take time because healing had to work from the inside out.  It is now Spring 2014 and it has been a couple of years since I last had work done here at Nature’s Grace.  I no longer have the awful pain in my joints that once were.  I am back at being a young adult that can dance, and have fun once again; although I do know when to take it easy.  I like to thank Natures Grace, and all of the staff for the wonderful job that each contributes because it helped me in many ways.  And it can help you as well if you give it a chance.”


Alexandria C. — 4/07/14

Skin Conditions

“I’ve been suffering from atopic dermatitis since I was a little kid.  According to my Japanese Dermatologist’s prescription, I’ve been put on steroid for a long time.  Yet, my skin disease grew worse when I was around 20, so I quit using steroid and started to use herbs.  The symptom was improved a little, but not much.  Ever since I came to Los Angeles, because of the strong ultraviolet rays, hard water, dry air and other reasons, my disease was aggravated once again, so I went to see the western allergy specialist.  Unfortunately, the prescription they gave to me, like histamine-fast, antibiotics, steroid caused my disease to turn out even worse.  Not only my face and body were swollen up, also yellowish lymph came out from the ulcer all over.  That was really the worse I have ever had.  Besides, I felt terribly itchy during the night and I can barely sleep well.  At that time, my friend introduced me to Dr. Xiao Mei (May) Zhang.  Amazingly, since I started the treatment from her, I was getting better obviously.  Now, after 3 months treatment, not only the swelling on my face and body has been relieved, the ulcer part has been dried up and healed too.  The efficiency of Dr. Zhang’s treatment was beyong my expectation.  Thanks to her, I can sleep well every night too.  I wish more and more frustrating patients will be lucky like me to find such a good doctor like her.”


Kaieda K. —




“I consulted Dr. Zhang about my skin condition, which Western dermatologists have told me is call seborrheic dermatitis.  Two different dermatologists have told me that an alpha hydroxy cream, if applied daily, would help to minimize the facial flaking I have experienced for over three years.  They also both told me that I could never discontinue the use of the creams and would have this conditon for the rest of my life.  Not only did the expensive creams they provide not relieve the symptoms after ample time of having tried them, but they made the problem worse and the creams smelled horrible and unnatural.  After only one week of taking Dr. Zhang’s herbal capsules, however, I have finally found relief.  My skin is once again smooth!  I do not believe I ever had seborrheic dermatitis.”


Vanessa R. —

Upper Respiratory Issues

“I first sought Dr. Zhang’s treatment when I developed a bronchial infection.  I was amazed with how quickly I was cured.  Previously, I frequently had periodic bouts of bronchitis and other lung-related illnesses and had always sought treatment with antibiotics.  While antibiotics usually seemed to cure the problem, they did not always relieve all the symptoms, and in no way prevented me from developing such problems again.  When I came to Dr. Zhang, she immediately put me on a treatment of Chinese herbs.  After five to six days, all my symptoms had subsided completely – without the use of antibiotics.  I prefer to avoid the use of antibiotics whenever possible, because they seem to wear down the system and are known to be at risk for becoming ineffective over time if used in excess, so I feel incredibly grateful to have found a source of treatment which is effective, yet mild to the body and that has no adverse side effects.  What’s more, since I was cured of that illness, I have not had one bronchial infection; my body’s overall composition seems stronger.”


Vanessa R. —


“I’ve been going to Dr. May Zhang for almost two years, ever since we moved to Temecula.  I had a previous acupuncturist in Camarillo that I swore by, and happily, they know each other!  Dr. Zhang is a very caring person and she has a nice sense of humor, too.  It’s always a pleasure to go to her office for a treatment.  I’ve always gotten bronchitis ever since I was a child, but its intensity gets worse as one ages, and unfortunately I was getting either bronchitis or the flu three times a year. Each time it would last a month, and I was down and out for most of the time.  I was getting desperate. (Who has time for that! And I felt so incredibly awful)


I went to Dr. Zhang the first time while I was suffering from an attack of bronchitis.  She literally erased the symptoms in about 4 days with acupuncture and herbs.  She would send me home with a little bag of roots, seeds, grasses, dried fruits and bark with instructions to make a very healing tea, and and it felt so comforting to drink it because it worked.  I would also take a little round black herb “pills” that she prescribed, and the combination of these things was totally amazing.  No more month-long illnesses!


Dr. Zhang also referred me to Dr. Briones, an Integrative Medical Doctor (M.D.) who works in her clinic.  Dr. Briones determined specifically what nutrients I was deficient in, through blood and urine testing.  The type of tests she does are not typical tests and they require special labs to do them.  But it’s great to know what supplements you actually need to take in order to restore your health.


I am extremely happy to say that I have not had bronchitis or the flu since the first visit I just mentioned.  One time a few months ago I felt like it was coming on and I made an appointment first thing.  One acupuncture treatment and I did not become ill at all!


Dr. Zhang has just recently been treating me for a problem I’ve been having with a very sore shoulder since last summerrotator cuff issues I tried to let it heal by itself and I tried chiropractic, but I needed more.  I see progress with each visit and it’s truely great to be alble to move my arm with much less pain!  Thanks Dr. Zhang!”


Jan T. —