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Best Effective Reflexology Treatment in Murrieta

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The origin of Reflexology therapy dates back thousands of years. Based on the theories of zone therapy, the body is divided into multiple zones.


Pressure is applied to specific points on the hands and feet which correspond with the specific zone.


Our Licensed/Certified Massage Therapist is available Monday through Friday by “Appointment Only”.  Call for appointments at 951-296-1688.

Auriculotherapy – Simple, Safe and Pain Free Ear Therapy in Temecula ,

Auriculotherapy is a highly developed system of diagnosing and treating disharmonies anywhere in the body by expertly examining the ear, by which the practitioner can accurately determine symptoms as well as the root cause of disease and disharmony.


Specific points on the outer ear, or auricle, are stimulated with an electric pulse, a blunt probe, finger pressure or seed treatment to provide relief from a wide range of conditions.


It is simple, safe, effective, painless and the skin is not punctured.